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Obituary Generator” Poem-a-day, selected by Sasha Pimentel (online, March 2021)

“Algo-“, “Redlined”, and “[   ]th Birthday” Hobart (online, November 2020)

one fresh, one saltctrl+v journal (online, Fall 2020)

“Double Sonnet, Suspended”, winner of CSU Fresno’s 2020 Ernesto Trejo
Memorial Prize

“Unabstracting Light”, “waterlight” and “How much pressure needs to be exerted?” Entropy Magazine (online, May 2020)

wanting” and “birdshape” Cosmonauts Avenue (online, Feburary 2020)

LunarpuntalThe Shore (online, December 2019)

American SentencesSuperstition Review (online, December 2019)

HousepoemEmpty House Press (online, August 2019)

“Inheritance”, “Series of dreams in which _____ has died”, “Contained dream that expands” The Acentos Review (online, August 2019)

[dream in which I know feminine]Glass: A Journal of Poetry (online, August 2019)

“Before the End of the World” and “I cannot avoid God in the Central Valley Summer” Flies, Cockroaches, & Poets (print, May 2018)

“Edith P. Williams” LitTapes (audio, 2018)

Reading LinesVoicemail Poems (audio, 2018)

Proverbs ErasurePeach Mag (online, November 2017)

“Love in the Tech Age” Flies, Cockroaches, & Poets (print, May 2017)


Anywhere but Here: A Honey Literary Mix” Honey Literary (online, February 2021)

Propelled by Questions: Animal by Dorothea LaskyThe Rumpus (online, December 2019)

Beauty, Death, and the Power of Place in “Cenote City”’ Tropics of Meta (online, April 2019)


A Normal Interview with Monica Sok” The Normal School (online, February 2021)

A Normal Interview with CG HanzlicekThe Normal School (online, November 2018)


The Rumpus Looks at Dorothea Lasky’s Animal” Poetry Foundation Harriet Blog (online, December 2019)

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